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You Are Not Allowed In The Dog Park

In fact, do not go near the Dog Park and, if you do, do not stare at the hooded figures in the dog park.


If you understood that and you know of Cecil (and his fixation  adoration of Carlos of the perfect hair), old woman Josie and her angels, and the Sheriff’s Secret Police, then you probably aren’t reading this at all. Reading this will alert the Sheriff’s Secret Police that you know about them.

On the other hand, if you have not yet been introduced to Management and Cecil’s radio show on the Night Vale community radio station, you’re in for a treat.

Welcome to Night Vale is a  (free!) twice monthly podcast, available on iTunes and other platforms. For anyone old enough to have seen Captain Kangaroo on TV, it’s an old-time radio show. The writing is superbly imaginative and eerily creative. You just have to listen. Oh, wait. You can watch it! (There’s a ton of it on You Tube!)

PS – If you’re offered an internship at the radio station: back away slowly. Then run and hide in the safe room in your basement.

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