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About “In Progress” Grades

inprogressSometimes, at the end of the semester, you’re behind in a course and, given a bit more time, you think you could finish the work. Life has been life and you’ve just not had the time to devote to your studies, but things are settled now and you want to be able to finish up.

Genesee does have an “In Progress” or IP grade that might suit your situation.

BUT! Before you get excited. Let’s first quote some documentation:

According to Genesee Community College Procedure # 305, the “IP” or In Progress grade “may be given only in emergency or unusual circumstances at the discretion of the instructor to students who have made good faith progress in courses…” 

This means that instructors are not required to give you more time. And, honestly, like 99% of IP grades will turn to an F, because most students don’t do the work. And if you’ve been slacking, you’ve not made good faith progress in the course, and your instructor will turn you down without much of a discussion. Instructors can do that.

If you want to be among the 1% that does do the work and earns a non-failing grade, you need to go into your request with a plan. You need to present a plan to your instructor that identifies ALL of the following:

  • what work needs to be completed
  • what EXACT dates you promise (cross your heart and hope to die promise) to finish each stage of work
  • what feedback, resources, materials, etc you will need from your instructor

You need to do this in writing, because every IP grade needs to be followed up with an IP Contract. That is, a written (or email) document that outlines exactly what needs to be done, by when and what the consequences (good and bad) will be for meeting or failing to meet deadlines. You and your instructor need to agree to this and your instructor will file the contract with the department, so someone else has a record of what needs to be done and what’s been agreed to.

Your job? Try not to get behind. If that’s not possible, you need to talk to your instructor. Don’t wait until the last day of class and spring this on anyone. Showing effort before the end of the semester will go a long way in showing that you can finish… that will help your request for an IP grade.

Good luck!

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