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The Dis-Organized Course List

With the updates and fixes we (literally) just put into Blackboard, one major nuisance is that your organized class list has gone away.

If you didn’t know how to organize it, well, then you’ve missed out on a cool thing.

Click here for the video on how to organize your course listing.

Or, the steps:

  • point your cursor to the words “Course List”
  • look for the shadow-y “S” that appears on the right end of the block
  • click on the “S”
  • click the ticky box for “Group By Term”
  • un-clicky older terms you’re done with
  • an advanced option: if you point to the left end of the list, you get up and down arrows; use them to push Spring 2014 to the top of the list
  • click “Submit”


2 thoughts on “The Dis-Organized Course List

  1. Mary Jane, I got my courses all organized but bb will not let me upload my syllabus from my computer. Any suggestions?

    Becky Reynolds Adjunct Instructor GCC-Arcade ________________________________________

    • RE: Uploading…

      There’s the classic: try another browser option….

      I’ll send you an email and we can work from there!

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