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Power Outage, Monday, January 20


Ok, don’t fret! It’s only the early morning.

It’s the demon ‘routine maintenance’ thing that needs to be done, this time by National Grid.

Power to the Batavia campus will be turned off about 6 am on Monday, January 20 for ‘less than 2 hours’ so National Grid can do some maintenance.

Because we like to spin servers down gracefully, that means we will be spinning computers down starting about 5 am on Monday. We’ll be back online about an hour after National Grid is done — and they’ve been nicely accurate in their times, in previous scenarios — but it does take time to spin everything back up and make sure everything is working.


All Genesee computer systems — including but not limited to: Web, Banner, Genesis, Blackboard, Email, Library — will be offline from about 5:00 am to 9:00 am on Monday, January 20.

So, everyone has a legitimate excuse to sleep in but once you’ve had that leisurely breakfast, you can work all day after that!

Questions? Before Monday, you can send an email to online@genesee.edu  Or leave a message here!

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