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Computer System Maintenance – Feb 17 – ALL DAY!

broken-computerComputer Services will be doing routine maintenance on Monday, February 17 (Presidents’ Day holiday) between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Um… yeah. All day.

This will affect access to ALL systems:  Web, Library, Genesis, Blackboard, Email, Banner – there will be NO access to these systems during the maintenance window. 

Things to consider:

–if you have any assignments, tests or something to be completed and turned in on this date, you should take this outage into consideration and plan ahead

–STUDENTS: for online and hybrid courses, we are very aware that, on holidays like this, working and adult students like to take advantage of the non-class days to complete assignments. Hopefully, your instructor prepared a list of “things you can do, even if Blackboard and the Library are not available” that you already have. After all, we’re not taking away textbooks or the entire internet, just Genesee things!  

–FACULTY: if you were going to catch up on grading or your own work, make sure you download papers before that Monday. Grading of tests and other online submissions will not be possible. Even access inside the building will be affected; coming to Batavia won’t let you get in.

 If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

4 thoughts on “Computer System Maintenance – Feb 17 – ALL DAY!

  1. It is after 5 pm and I still cannot log into my Genesis account. It there a problem where that I didn’t know about>

  2. Since the maintenance ended, I can’t get onto Genesis. It says I need the “newest” version of Internet Explorer, then says that’s IE version 7. I have the latest version and that’s version 11. I also tried the other “supported” browsers with same results. It gives me the option to try anyway, then I get to a screen with info on it from 2012 and it says my UN & PW have expired. What’s going on? Everything was fine before the maintenance.

    • We had something else go wrong last night that is now fixed this morning… try it again! Let me know if it’s not working for you!

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