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More Computer Maintenance – March 8 – 7 am to 1 pm

springbreakSpring has more ‘sproing’ than ‘sprung’ at this point… and can you believe the time change for Daylight Savings time is *this* weekend…. I’m sleep deprived enough that I can’t afford to lose the hour at this point.

Don’t touch office computers or anything; it’ll all reset itself automagically. If the time is not right on Monday, reboot it once, and if it’s still cranky, send an email to helpdesk@genesee.edu and we’ll find a sun lamp for it. You’re on your own for your personal computers, but they should reset fine!

But our intrepid crew of Computer folk will be forging onward, performing system maintenance on Sunday, March 8 between 7 am and 1 pm.

ALL SYSTEMS WILL BE AFFECTED. Not everything will be offline for the entire time, but if you do connect during this time, you may be disconnected without warning.

FACULTY – please warn your online students. Since it’s the start of Spring break, you probably do not have work due, but some of your students may be looking to catch up on Sunday morning… (okay, we know that’s not really going to happen, but someone has to be an optimist about it!)

Me? I have blackout curtains! I’m going to sleep in on Sunday… I need all the sleep I can get!

Questions? Send me an email: mjheider@genesee.edu

–Mary Jane

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