Spring Has Sprung!

inprogressHow is it the middle of March already?

Did you have a good Spring Break — for folk that got one? If you’re in upstate NY at all, you spent at least 1, if not 2, days inside with the snow we got. All of winter in 2 days!

You would have thought I’d’ve gotten a lot of stuff done! Nah! I napped through one day and read a couple of short-ish books (novellas, really) the other. Nothing productive for 2 days!

I need to pay for that this week. I have papers to correct and stories that are due soon-ish…

And I need to go back to the gym. Having the head cold from heck for all of February has put me off doing anything physical. Every time I’d feel better, blammo! The cold was back and I was down for another 3-4 days. Glad that’s finally better.

This is a ‘buckling down’ week… back on track, getting the work up to date and getting to the gym.

I think I have my work cut out for me!

How are you doing?

Drives Me Crazy

You may or may not know that I live in Buffalo and commute to Batavia daily. It’s not a bad drive, about 40 minutes on a good day, and the time allows me to ‘gear up’ and ‘wind down’ on either end of the day.

The best route to and fro involves driving on the Thruway. It’s well kept, they plow it religiously (important with the snow we get) and it’s a pretty straight shot.

A lot of times, it’s not annoying, but then, sometimes…

There are a number of vehicles, mainly tractor-trailers but sometimes cars pulling camping trailers, who drive at or slightly below the speed limit. They’re okay, since they are good about staying in the right lane. Traffic kinda bunches up around them, but the slower folk mind their own business and stay out of the way.

What drives me crazy are the folk who insist on passing these slower vehicles, going like 1/2 a mile per hour faster than the vehicle they’re passing.

If you’re going to pass the slower vehicles, put a bit of effort into it! You don’t need to go 80, but you’re causing more of a back-up by now making both lanes go slower than prevailing traffic!

And — don’t even get me started on the guy who pulls up on the right thinking he’s going to cut the line! Sheesh.

Woo hoo! Time to Celebrate!


Happy New Year!

I’m hauling out the celebration-kitty to celebrate the 500th post on this blog!

Yay, me!

The blog originally started as a “walk the talk” for one of our professional development courses. I was teaching about social media and needed to have something to actually show for it. It quickly took on a life of its own, and has been here now for a long time! Since January of 2010, to be exact!

I’ve talked about technology, Genesee things and events, business process and even some personal things. So the content has been pretty eclectic over the years.

I suspect it’ll stay that way!  ::grin::

Many thanks to those of you who have followed me for a long time and welcome to the newer folk! I hope you’ve found it as fun and useful as I have over the years! Here’s looking to the next 100 posts!


Fun and A Simple Way to Share

This come from one of my Internet Friends… but I had to share!

You can help in the effort to feed cats this Christmas. For every view (up to 500,000 views), Friskies will donate one can of wet food to shelter rescue organizations across the country.

Share and spread the hits!

PS I love that we live in a world where there is now such a thing as ‘celebrity cats’…

You Are Not Allowed In The Dog Park

In fact, do not go near the Dog Park and, if you do, do not stare at the hooded figures in the dog park.


If you understood that and you know of Cecil (and his fixation  adoration of Carlos of the perfect hair), old woman Josie and her angels, and the Sheriff’s Secret Police, then you probably aren’t reading this at all. Reading this will alert the Sheriff’s Secret Police that you know about them.

On the other hand, if you have not yet been introduced to Management and Cecil’s radio show on the Night Vale community radio station, you’re in for a treat.

Welcome to Night Vale is a  (free!) twice monthly podcast, available on iTunes and other platforms. For anyone old enough to have seen Captain Kangaroo on TV, it’s an old-time radio show. The writing is superbly imaginative and eerily creative. You just have to listen. Oh, wait. You can watch it! (There’s a ton of it on You Tube!)

PS – If you’re offered an internship at the radio station: back away slowly. Then run and hide in the safe room in your basement.

The Men of Genesee – the Answers!

We do have some amazing and fun people at Genesee… people of all genders…

If you’ve not looked at either game, do so. It’s fascinating what people do or have done in their lives.

Here’s the answers to the Men of Genesee game: GCC Men Matching Game-ANSWERS-April-May 2013

The GCC Diversity committee thanks everyone who has participated in this and all of their activities this year!

The Men of Genesee!

Try your luck at this matching game to learn more about the men at Genesee Community College (and possibly win a prize)!!

Directions: Match up the GCC employee with the correct fact about him.  Submit your answers to Joanna Barefoot (Student Activities) either by filling out and sending this form electronically to jebarefoot@genesee.edu, or print out, write in your answers and bring to the Student Activities Office.  

Form must be received in person to the office no later than 4:30pm on May 3rd or in email by midnight on May 3rd.  Answers will be revealed after deadline and a prize awarded to the person with the highest number correct!

Word format: GCC Men Matching Game-April-May 2013

PDF format: GCC Men Matching Game-April-May 2013

Good luck to everyone!