Talk to Me – Classes start next week!

Welcome back to another round of “Talk to Me Tuesday” — I’ll be putting up a poll pretty much weekly (well, as I remember to do it ::grin:: ) so I can get some feedback.

Fall semester starts next week! OMG OMG OMG, I know I’m not ready! Are you?

Talk to me Tuesday: When are you online?

With the network outage for a short time tomorrow morning between 2 am and 6 am, it occurs to me to see when you-all mostly work. We did do some very elementary analysis at one point and I always state that “we have more people online at 1 am than at 6 am” but is that still true? Tell me!

You can pick more than one answer on this one. Tell me the times you are most likely to be on Genesee systems of any sort, I don’t care what you’re actually doing…  and this goes for you faculty and employee types… tell me when you’re online, too!

Couple of weeks ago, I asked about where folk were on our campuses and, of course, most of you are in Batavia. But we’re spread out pretty widely over the 4 counties and even online! One person reported taking classes in multiple campuses! Oh, my!

Talk To Me Tuesday – Location

Location, location, location….

Tell me where you (mostly) attend / work at Genesee. We’re spread out over such a wide area that I’m just curious to know where you-all are from.


Two weeks ago, I asked about what kinds of computer you use. Interesting results that are biased because non-computer users aren’t going to be reading or taking my polls anyways. But interesting to see the number of us with laptops. I have more than one, myself and only use a desktop in the office.

This also relates to the exponential increase we’ve seen in our wireless usage both here and at the campus centers. Usage has almost tripled in the last year.

Talk to Me Tuesday: Registration

Today’s question is about Registration for the Fall 2011 semester.

The Advisement Office on the Batavia campus is hosting “Registration Days” on April 19 (today!), April 27 and May 5. Come and ask questions about registration for summer and fall, identify what courses you need to graduate and get registered in those courses!

Talk to Me Tuesdays

Okay, I’ve been doing this for a bit and want to generate something resembling a ‘conversation’ with you-all. I have a number of faithful readers (and you are loved and appreciated) and I’d like to hear from you.

In cooperation with a group I’m working with here on campus, we’re starting a “Talk to Me Tuesday” series of polls. Mostly about ‘stuff’ — technology, advisement, social networking, and even some fun things. I’ll be posting a single question (okay, some weeks there may be two!) that will only require some clicking…. although I will take any feedback or added information you’d like to give me. But the goal is to make it simple on your part.

Since I’m the Technology Goddess, let’s start with the obvious technology question. Tell me if you have your own personal computer. “We” theorize that lots of “you” have your own personal computer at home (or in the dorms) but, well, we don’t know for sure. And I know a lot of GCC students really can’t afford to own a computer, you’re too busy paying bills and putting food on the table.

You can choose more than one answer, if that’s appropriate. So… talk to me, it’s Tuesday!