Updated Bookstore Hours

In order to serve our students better, the GCC Bookstore is slightly changing our normal semester hours from what it has been in the past. Our new hours begin 9/5/17 and are as follows:

Monday & Tuesday: 9am-6pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

We will also be closed on Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. The rest of this week we are still on our extended hours for the start of the semester and open 9-6 today through Thursday, and 9-4 Friday.

Remember, if you drop a class you can still receive a full refund for the textbook as long as it is in its original condition, and you bring or mail it in WITH YOUR RECEIPT and proof of schedule change. This is our policy through the end of the add/drop period. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.

Thank you,

Bookstore Management

Genesee Community College Bookstore
P: 585-345-6878 I F: 585-344-3515
1 College Road, Batavia, NY 14020

Computer System Maintenance – Monday, October 12 – 7 am to 5 pm

Yeah, sorry… all day computer maintenance on the Columbus Day holiday.


All systems will be affected; access to computer systems will be impacted. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Genesis
  • Blackboard
  • Banner / Banner Self Service
  • Library
  • College web site
  • Faculty/staff email — student email will NOT be impacted

If you do gain access to any system during the day, you may be cut off at any time without warning.

STUDENTS — now I know a lot of you take advantage of the holiday to catch up. Especially adult students who have ‘day jobs’ and need to do homework when you can. You can still do a lot of things without Blackboard, if you plan properly. Make sure you download and print your syllabus and course schedule, and have your textbook available. With those you can do any or all of the following:

  • read and outline textbook chapters
  • study textbook materials for a test
  • outline/write projects or essays that will be due (just because the Genesee library isn’t available, doesn’t mean the entire Internet is closed!)
  • do homework at publisher web sites (make sure you have direct login information; if the only way you know how to get there is through Blackboard, then you’re kind of stuck)
  • print tests that do not have time limits on them; do the work offline so you can enter the information later
  • work with a calendar to plan out your work for the rest of the semester; what will be do when and when will you do the work for it. Planning also takes time and the holiday is a great time to do that!
  • ask your instructor for materials you may need

There’s always lots to do! You just need to be prepared!

PS — the next maintenance day will be Saturday, November 28. All day, again. I’ll be back with these same suggestions!

Degree Works and Chrome v44 — Problems!

DW-logoInformation from the Records Office:

Please be advised that there is an issue rendering audits using Google Chrome version 44.

Ellucian (the company that publishes Degree Works) is aware of the problem, however they have not supplied a workaround or solution yet.  If you are having issues processing an audit, please be sure Chrome is not the browser.

When in doubt, always try another browser!

Spring Grade Processing Complete

Report card icon

Spring 2015 grade processing is complete.  \o/

Students can view their grades and cumulative info on Genesis. Student questions regarding grades should be directed to the instructor.

Other miscellaneous information:

  • Academic Probation has also been run.
  • Students who pre-registered for courses and, after Spring 2015 grading, who did not meet the prerequisites, can view their revised schedule on Genesis.
  • Degree Evaluations can now be done.
  • Transcripts can now be sent if they are not waiting on degree information.  Transcript request information can be found here: http://www.genesee.edu/academics/transcripts.cfm
  • Dean’s & President’s list will be run in 2 weeks.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through the semester!

End of Semester Things to Do

Just a list of things — in no particular order — you should think about doing before you leave for the summer…

  • If you’re sticking around this summer — to work on campus or to take a summer class — or coming back for classes next Fall, go into Genesis and use that blue “Reset Your Password” button to update your password. If you last reset your password in January, it will expire about June-ish and by deliberately resetting it, you reset that counter.
  • If you’re graduating and going on to another college in the Fall, don’t forget to ask for transcripts to be sent. You can set up the request now and when Spring grades are turned in, your transcript(s) will be sent. Go to this page for more information: http://www.genesee.edu/academics/transcripts.cfm
  • Taking an online class? There’s still time to do your course evaluation. Log into Genesis, go to the My Courses page, look for the link on the right to “Course Surveys”
  • Looking to sell back books? The bookstore in Batavia will buy back books at up to 50% of what you paid for them. You need to bring a student ID to sell back your books. If you’re at a Campus Center, ask the folk in the office when a Book Store rep will be at the campus to buy back books. More information here: http://geneseecc.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBSellBackTextbookView?catalogId=10001&langId=-1&storeId=33556
  • Did you rent a textbook? Don’t forget that it must be returned by the last day of exams, which is May 13. More information in the Rental FAQ.
  • Coming back next Fall? If you haven’t, register now for Fall classes. Not sure what courses you should take, see one of our many advisors: http://www.genesee.edu/depts/advisement/advisors/
  • Still looking for a summer job? Check out the Job Bulletin sponsored by the Career Services office. See what’s available: http://www.genesee.edu/home/offices/career/job-bulletin/ New jobs posted regularly! Check it out!
  • Need help with a resume? The Career Services office can help you with that, too! Check out the services: http://www.genesee.edu/home/offices/career/

Have a great summer, no matter what your plans are!


Summer 2015 Bills Sent Out!

money-smallTuition bills for Summer 2015 have been sent by the Business Office and tuition is due on May 01. This is for all summer sessions! So you need to pay by May 01 even if your summer course does not start until July.

The Business Office offers its usual array of payment options — check them out!

If you are a new student and have just registered, you do need to give us a minute to create your Genesee email account before you can pay online. Genesee email accounts are created the next business day after you have registered.

If you don’t make arrangements for tuition, you may lose your seat in your course! And there’s no guarantee you can get back into the same course, if it’s one of the more popular courses.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Business Office at:  businessoffice@genesee.edu

Spring Exam Schedule

advisement-1The Spring 2015 Final Exam schedule is now available.

You can go to Genesis (http://genesis.genesee.edu) and find the schedule there — on the outside before you log in. The link to the schedule is usually there every semester.

The direct link is here: http://faculty.genesee.edu/mjheider/finals/finals-201502.htm

Some warnings:

  • your instructor has the final say about the exam time, date, location; he/she can override what is in the schedule
  • the schedule is subject to change; check back as it gets closer to the exam days
  • your course may not be listed; again, check with your instructor
  • your exam time may not be the same time/day as your normal class time; talk to your instructor if this is a problem

Eight weeks to the end of the semester! Time will go by fast!