Blackboard Maintenance – Monday, October 5 – 5:00 pm

There have been known problems with Blackboard this past weekend into today. The most often reported problem has been about slow or no access to tests and assignments.

We are aware of the problem and are working on it. Those of you who reported problems were helpful to us in clearly communicating the problems to Blackboard technical support.

Blackboard technical support has recommended some changes be made to our system. We will spend the rest of the afternoon preparing to make those changes.

Blackboard will be unavailable TODAY (Monday) starting 5:00 pm for about an hour for maintenance.

Instructors have been informed about this work and the scope of the problem. Contact your instructor about what to do next.

Check the “Blackboard Tip of the Week” box on the My Courses page for updates. If Genesis is not available, check for updates.

Thank you for your patience.

–Mary Jane Heider

System Maintenance – Sunday, September 20 – 8 am to noon

patienceComputer Services will be performing routine system maintenance on Sunday, September 20 between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon.

During this time, ALL systems may be down. This includes and is not limited to:

  • college web site
  • Blackboard
  • faculty/staff email
  • Library
  • Banner / Banner Self Service

If you gain access to any of these systems before noon, you may be cut off without warning.

STUDENTS: Plan ahead! Download / print / organize your study materials before Sunday morning. We’re very aware that there are a number of students who need to accomplish work during this time. There are a lot of things you can do without access to Genesee systems! We’re only shutting down our little corner of the world, not the entire internet!

If you have questions, do ask! I’m willing to listen:

PS: For planning purposes, the remaining maintenance days for the Fall semester are Monday, October 12 and Saturday, November 28. Those will be all day outages, from 7 am to 5 pm.

Enjoy GCC’s New Cafe!

dining-aug15The summer construction project is complete! GCC’s dining service partner, American Dining Creations, welcomes back students with a new kitchen and cafe!

Discounted meal plans and Cougar Bucks are available to use in both the new Cafe and Subway, located in the Student Union.

For further information, go to: or see the newest brochure

More information on the new enhanced dining options: GCC_Cafe_Flyer

If you need Technical Help, give this a try!

TiredThe week before and the week of the start of classes are the busiest times at the central help desk number! Save yourself the aggravation of being on hold or being asked to authenticate yourself, just to report a broken printer!

Try one of the following options:

  • Use the ticket system found here: — the template will help you answer all the questions we need to ask
  • Just send an email to
  • Problems logging in? Folk in Batavia are welcome to come to T212 (Computer Services office suite), especially for non-Banner login problems. We will reset non-Banner passwords on the spot!

Remember, the Central Help Desk phone really can’t help with the following, at any time, so calling will only get you a ticket, which you could have done yourself with any of the options above:

  • Banner INB passwords
  • Blackboard questions
  • Smart Classroom problems
  • Problems with office telephones
  • Questions about wireless access or wireless problems
  • Office computer hardware or software

Huh. Quite the list…

The Central Help Desk is good with student username and password issues. Let them do what they do best!

Questions? You know where I live!

–Mary Jane

Degree Works and Chrome v44 — Problems!

DW-logoInformation from the Records Office:

Please be advised that there is an issue rendering audits using Google Chrome version 44.

Ellucian (the company that publishes Degree Works) is aware of the problem, however they have not supplied a workaround or solution yet.  If you are having issues processing an audit, please be sure Chrome is not the browser.

When in doubt, always try another browser!

Bookstore Renovations!


The bookstore will be closed from June 8th-12th for renovations. The staff will still be able to process online orders and answer emails.

The renovations will include a new ceiling, additional textbook shelving, an upgraded technology center, window murals, and other minor enhancements. They will reopen the week of June 15th.  There will be some minor construction going on that week so access to certain areas may be limited. The bookstore will reopen at full capacity on June 22nd.

If you have questions for the bookstore you can call x6878 or email any of the staff.

Spring Grade Processing Complete

Report card icon

Spring 2015 grade processing is complete.  \o/

Students can view their grades and cumulative info on Genesis. Student questions regarding grades should be directed to the instructor.

Other miscellaneous information:

  • Academic Probation has also been run.
  • Students who pre-registered for courses and, after Spring 2015 grading, who did not meet the prerequisites, can view their revised schedule on Genesis.
  • Degree Evaluations can now be done.
  • Transcripts can now be sent if they are not waiting on degree information.  Transcript request information can be found here:
  • Dean’s & President’s list will be run in 2 weeks.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through the semester!