Email messages

email-iconI guess I’m starting to sound cranky, but if I can’t complain to you, who can I complain to?  🙂

Another pet peeve…

If you (the generic ‘you’, not you personally, of course!) send me (or the help desk) an email asking a question or asking me to do something, I would think you would kinda watch your email a tad more closely, to see if I get back to you. I may not get back to you immediately (although I do that a lot), but usually within a couple of hours.

I’m pretty good about answering emails and a lot of time I have an answer for you or, often, another question. Sometimes I have to do the “do you mean…” or “do you want me to do A or B?” sorts of emails back at you. Until I have an answer, I can’t do anything.

When you send an email and then don’t answer my question back for two days, I have to figure it’s not as important as you made it sound in your initial request.

My current example is a student who asked the help desk for something that I need to fix. No problem, but I need to know something from the student first. The original question comes in on Friday morning and by Saturday noontime, there’s no response. Turns out the answer came in Saturday late afternoon. But, on Tuesday morning there’s a follow-up “I haven’t heard from you” not-quite-a-complaint. Sigh.

We all have that happen… the student who calls your office every 15 minutes wondering why you haven’t answered them, when you have like 3 classes back to back and you’ve barely been to the bathroom, much less had a chance to check your phone messages. I get it.

So… if you ask a question, you can usually expect an answer… that’s what I do, after all. Watch for it and make sure I’m not asking you a question back…


Student Gmail Account – Going Mobile!

Sorry for the delay, but we’ve finally made available the information you need to get your student Gmail account messages on your mobile devices.

Log into Genesis and look for the Email button. Underneath the button is a link to get your mobile connection information. (Clickee to embiggen any pic!)

Mobile connection link

That link will tell you that the info you need has been sent to your Genesee email… You can close the window and go back to your mail.

mobilemail-2In your mail, look for the message from the Help Desk and open it.


Inside is what you need. Use your full email address as the username and — VERY IMPORTANT — is the password you need ONLY FOR MOBILE ACCESS! This password does not work for anything else!


 If you need help, or are looking to set up a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird to access you mail, use the link provided in the mail, which is this:  The Google folk know more about this than we do, so if it doesn’t work the first time, try some of the other combinations of information in the troubleshooter.

Happy emailing!