Internet Upgrade Service Monday, July 3, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

There is a planned upgrade to Internet hardware and software (Check Point Firewall) on Monday. This will impact wired access to the Internet in Batavia and all Campus Centers.

Systems impacted will be:

  • Self Service Banner (SSB)
  • Any sites supported at SUNY (i.e. Degree Works)
  • Library (including the catalog and journal databases)
  • Genesis and Blackboard. We are planning to route access to Genesis/Blackboard via a disaster site at our Dansville Campus. Access will only be available via wireless on campus OR from a non-GCC remote location.
  • E-Mail – messages inside the college will continue to flow. Incoming and outgoing messages (to addresses outside of will be queued up and delivered when Internet access is restored.
  • Genesee Website – external access to the website will point to a status page, stating that maintenance work is being performed. Internal access will work throughout the upgrade.

Most systems (except Banner Self Service (SSB), Library and the Genesee Website) should be accessible via wireless access (laptops or phones) as the wireless network will not be interrupted.

Banner INB users will receive a link that will allow for access to Banner outside of Genesis.

We will send out a message on Monday morning, to offer a status on where we are. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please email the Help Desk (

If the upgrade concludes sooner than the anticipated schedule, we will send out a message.

Thank you for your patience.

System Maintenance – 11 pm Saturday to 3 am Sunday

I have to find more to write about — there are lots cooler things to write about besides maintenance announcements!


If you were around last Sunday at all, you probably noticed that the system maintenance that was supposed to only go from 7 am to 1 pm went all day. And, for some parts of it, like to 10:00 pm all day… sigh… it wasn’t pretty.

A piece of equipment unexpectedly crumbled underneath us and the rest of the day was spent cobbling together a work-around to get things up and running at all.

It’s like that glass you reach for in the cupboard – you’re not even reaching for that glass, you’re reaching for another – but you can only watch helplessly as it tumbles to the floor and shatters into a bazillion little shards. You then get to spend the next hour carefully cleaning up and making sure you have all the pieces before you can do anything else. And you never did get that drink of water you wanted in the first place.

While things are up and running, I think I saw some duct tape back there…. 😉  The replacement equipment has been delivered and it needs to be installed.

From 11:00 pm on Saturday, March 14 to 3:00 am on Sunday, March 15, all systems will be offline as we replace and configure equipment.

All systems will be offline during this time: web, Genesis, Blackboard, faculty/staff email, Banner…. If you gain access during this time, you may be cut off without warning.

Hopefully, this will settle things down as we all march through the second half of the semester! (Pun only half intended!)

Questions? Send me an email! — I won’t be up at 3 am but I’ll look for any questions early Sunday morning!

–Mary Jane

PS – Did you know March 14 is “super” Pi day?  3-14-15…..  3.1415…  😉   Never going to see that again in our lifetimes!

More Computer Maintenance – March 8 – 7 am to 1 pm

springbreakSpring has more ‘sproing’ than ‘sprung’ at this point… and can you believe the time change for Daylight Savings time is *this* weekend…. I’m sleep deprived enough that I can’t afford to lose the hour at this point.

Don’t touch office computers or anything; it’ll all reset itself automagically. If the time is not right on Monday, reboot it once, and if it’s still cranky, send an email to and we’ll find a sun lamp for it. You’re on your own for your personal computers, but they should reset fine!

But our intrepid crew of Computer folk will be forging onward, performing system maintenance on Sunday, March 8 between 7 am and 1 pm.

ALL SYSTEMS WILL BE AFFECTED. Not everything will be offline for the entire time, but if you do connect during this time, you may be disconnected without warning.

FACULTY – please warn your online students. Since it’s the start of Spring break, you probably do not have work due, but some of your students may be looking to catch up on Sunday morning… (okay, we know that’s not really going to happen, but someone has to be an optimist about it!)

Me? I have blackout curtains! I’m going to sleep in on Sunday… I need all the sleep I can get!

Questions? Send me an email:

–Mary Jane

Computer System Maintenance – Monday, February 16 – 8 am to 4 pm

On February 17 in history*:

  • 1876 – Sardines first canned (Julius Wolff – Eastport, Maine)
  • 1933 – US Senate accepts Blaine Ace: ending prohibition
  • 1949 – Chaim Weitzman elected 1st president of Israel
  • 1967 – Beatles release “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields”
  • 1983 – Netherlands adopts constitution
  • 1996 – Garry Kasparov defeats Deep Blue 4-2 in chess
  • 1998 – USA Women’s Ice Hockey Team beats Canada and wins the first Olympic Gold medal

And joining all those illustrious events:

Monday, February 16th, 2015 – Computer Services performs all day system maintenance; all systems unavailable

Yup! Another glorious day in history, where all electronic systems will be off line between 8 am and 4 pm. This includes: Blackboard, Web, Library, Faculty/Staff email, Banner. If you get connected during this time, you may be disconnected without warning.

And don’t even think about trying to sneak on campus to try to get some work done; we’re going to be rebooting internal systems which means office areas will be disconnected from the network as we reboot those devices.

Questions? You know where I live!

–Mary Jane Heider

Computer System Maintenance – October 13

TiredJust because it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do!  ::grin::

If you’re relatively new or simply don’t remember, Computer Services routinely uses the Monday holiday in each semester to do major system maintenance. The advantage is that for our vendors, it’s a normal work day, and for us, well, you-all aren’t here!

What makes this important is that ALL SYSTEMS will be OFFLINE AND UNAVAILABLE between 6 AM and 4 PM on Monday, October 13.

This includes and is not limited to:

  • College web site
  • Genesis / Blackboard
  • Employee Email (mail will not be lost; it will be held until delivery is possible later in the day)
  • Student Email (well, not offline, but they won’t be able to get to it)
  • Library
  • Access to Banner Self Service

FACULTY: If you have work due in any course on October 13, please take this into account. Students will not be able to submit work until later in the day.

I am very aware that many working students like to take advantage of the day off from classes to catch up on assignments. Your instructor can help by providing a list of “things you can do for 10 hours while Blackboard is offline.” There are reading assignments, research papers, videos and other work that can probably be completed without Blackboard. We’re not shutting down the entire Internet (although don’t you wish we could every once in a while?), just our little corner of it.

Questions? You know where I live!

Computer System Maintenance – Feb 17 – ALL DAY!

broken-computerComputer Services will be doing routine maintenance on Monday, February 17 (Presidents’ Day holiday) between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Um… yeah. All day.

This will affect access to ALL systems:  Web, Library, Genesis, Blackboard, Email, Banner – there will be NO access to these systems during the maintenance window. 

Things to consider:

–if you have any assignments, tests or something to be completed and turned in on this date, you should take this outage into consideration and plan ahead

–STUDENTS: for online and hybrid courses, we are very aware that, on holidays like this, working and adult students like to take advantage of the non-class days to complete assignments. Hopefully, your instructor prepared a list of “things you can do, even if Blackboard and the Library are not available” that you already have. After all, we’re not taking away textbooks or the entire internet, just Genesee things!  

–FACULTY: if you were going to catch up on grading or your own work, make sure you download papers before that Monday. Grading of tests and other online submissions will not be possible. Even access inside the building will be affected; coming to Batavia won’t let you get in.

 If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Maintenance Warning – Sunday, May 27 – 6 am to 2 pm

I love work! I can watch others do it for hours!

So, that’s what I’m going to do… I’m having coffee and Danish and I’m going to let poor Tom and his crew slave away on a (hopefully) cheery Sunday morning! 

This affects access to *everything*:

  • Web site
  • Genesis
  • Banner
  • Library
  • Blackboard (all flavors)
  • Faculty/staff email (not student email)

There may be intermittent access, but if you get in during the maintenance window, you may get kicked out unexpectedly.

I’ll be off enjoying my holiday weekend! You do the same!

Questions? You know where I live!