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Technical Orientations

What is a Technical Orientation?

A “Technical Orientation” is an introduction to some of the technology you will be using to take classes at Genesee. We talk about your accounts, how to log in, using Genesee email, using Genesis, some special tips about using Blackboard and general information on things you may need to do when interacting with your instructors.

In a Webinar Technical Orientation, the session is a survey of the technology needed for any class, and the webinar is perfect if you can’t come to Batavia for assistance.

While it may say Online Learning  in other places, you don’t need to be in a fully online course to benefit from a Technical Orientation. Students in hybrid, video linked and just plain old face-to-face classes need to know how to be a good online student.

Spring (and Summer!) 2015 Technical Orientation

The recording for the Spring 2015 Orientation – the orientation won’t change, but do ask questions if you have them!

This is the Power Point used with the Orientation that you might find helpful: TechnicalOrientationSpring2015

Check out the “About Webinars” link above if you’ve never participated in a webinar before.

Mac users, Windows 8 user and anyone new to webinars should check out the “About Webinars” page well before joining the webinar.

Other In Person

Can’t come to an Orientation? Walk-in assistance is available between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday) in T207 of the Batavia campus. Students needing assistance or having questions can come in during the day and get help at any time.

Actually, you can get help any time T207 is open and we will have additional staff on hand during the day the first week of classes to help answer questions.

If you are at a campus center, don’t hesitate to ask the site staff for assistance!



[updated May 22, 2015]

31 thoughts on “Technical Orientations

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  2. I cannot log in to my genesis account. I have used it many times last semester but it keeps telling me I have the wrong password. Is there any way to reset it? Or can you send me my old password?

    • I left you an email, also…. but the answer is for anyone who has problems with usernames/passwords.

      Call the Help Desk…. 1-866-614-5004 (toll free and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and the folk there can help with your password problems….

  3. hello,
    is there somewhere in the batavia camus where i can get help with the viruses on my laptop? thank you

    • Bethany,

      I need to do some research, but there is a Computer Club that will work on people’s personal units for no charge. Computer Services can’t help you with your personal device. The Computer Club will be posting dates soon for sessions during the semester; I’ll see if they have that yet.

      If it’s something you bought recently, see if the place you bought it from can help. If you’re in the Village (or an apartment somewhere) and away from home, you can check out the computer stores in Batavia to see if they can help. Call ahead and get an idea of what it’s going to cost you… (sorry!)

      If your computer works enough that you can install an AV program, go to http://www.grisoft.com and download the free AVG anti-virus software. It’s good stuff (I use it myself) and worth a try.

      I’m going to pull your comment forward to a new post in a day or so when I have the dates from the Computer Club. Sorry I can’t help you more!

      • It actually is a great product. That’s an entire different discussion on what sorts of things you should have on your home computer. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I was wondering by any chance is there a way for me to set up my school outlook email up on my phone to recieve notifications?
    Thanks A Lot

    • Yup. Can be done.

      Log into your Genesee email and on the right side of the page there is a link that says “Options”… drop that down and select “All options”… on that page on the far right is a list of documentation, one of which is about connecting your email to your phone.

      You’re welcome!

    • There is a specific orientation on January 10 at 1:00 pm *just* for Nursing students… that’s on campus in T203… Amy Schnettler-Zak will be there to answer any other questions related to the technology things you’ll need to do.

      Come by that day, love to have you!

    • The primary program is in Batvia…. there will be a video link to the Albion Campus Center so you can join in from there….

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    • I just put the link to the recording on the page; try to play it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  11. Im attending Fall 2013 and i never toke an online class before but been at Genesee for 2 years now. Should i still attend the Orintation this Saturday August 24??

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