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About Webinars

There are a lot of technical issues related to webinars that I’ve now collected in one place…


How to participate in a webinar

More than we could do for you and highly recommended before our session; a very nice video on how webinars work is located here.


ALL USERS:  Special setup required

There is a special setup you need to do before joining a webinar for the first time. You need to install the “Launcher” software on your computer. It takes only a couple of minutes to install.

A “first time user” information page is also available.

Information on that is on the Blackboard Collaborate help page.


Webinars and Windows 8

If after you have installed the Launcher, you get a collab.jnlp file but the webinar will still not open, check out the troubleshooting information that will tell you how to get your computer to handle the jnlp file properly.


Check Your System

There is a ‘check your system’ page… this is very useful to do before you participate in your first webinar. It will tell you if you have the proper combination of operating system, web browser and Java on your computer. There are also useful troubleshooting links on the page.


Browser Wars

The mantra is: when in doubt, try it in another browser.

Not only for the webinars, just for life in general. You need more than one browser installed on your computer. If you have a PC, it came with Internet Explorer. Make sure you install Firefos (http://www.mozilla.com) and Chrome (http://chrome.google.com). When something doesn’t work in one browser, it might work in another.

If you have a Mac, it usually comes with Safari. Install Firefox and Chrome, also. Just to have them!

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